Level III Ambulatory Sleep Study (Free – no Fee)

These devices record your oxygen levels, heart rate, airflow, snoring, body positioning and other parameters during the night. This type of sleep study can also be performed in the comfort of your own home at no charge. You do require a signed Sleep Study Referral in order to have this type of sleep study. Referral forms can be found here (Link) and if you do not currently have a family Doctor call our office and we can help you find a doctor.


Overnight Oximetry (Pediatrics)

Oximetry is a test that measures your heart rate and the amount of oxygen in your blood. When this is done overnight, a continuous measurement can be graphed. The graph helps the doctor see if you have enough oxygen in your body when you sleep. The machine records the information and the respiratory therapist or sleep technologist prints it out in the morning for the doctor to see. This type of overnight study is normally used for patients under the age of 16 in Alberta.


CPAP Therapy with Overnight Oximetry (Follow Up Testing)

A follow up Overnight Oximetry can be ordered by your Doctor while you are being treated with CPAP or Bi-Level Therapy to assess your oxygen levels during the night giving an indication of the effectiveness of your therapy.


Auto CPAP Re-Titration/ Re-assessment

If you have not used your CPAP machine for some time but want to get back on track it may be a good idea to have your CPAP pressures re-assessed in order to ensure your current settings are correct for you. If this is the case your Doctor can order a CPAP re-Titration or Pressure re-Assessment.