Dear Quality Sleep Care,

I would like to make you aware of a most recent experience that I had with Mary Gutierrez, LPN at Stadium Medical Centre, Quality Sleep Care in Calgary.

On Monday, I decided that it was finally time to find a new company that could provide me the support I need with my Sleep Apnea.  For me this was a major decision as I had been with another company for the past seven years.  My impression of sleep care companies was somewhat jaded.  As the company that I had been with, always gave me the impressions that they were trying to upsell me products.

It became such an issue that I did not particularly like going to my annual appointment.  What were they going to try to sell me this time?

On Monday, I decided that I would just come into the Quality Sleep Care just to see what you were all about.  When I spoke to the main receptionist, I explained that I may be looking at a new sleep care provider.

I asked if there was anyone available that I could speak to.  She told me please wait a moment and she would check.  Then she asked me to wait as someone would be right out to meet with me.

A couple minutes later, Mary Gutierrez came out and invited me to come into discuss my needs.

She was very kind, professional and was willing to listen to my needs.  From this conversation, I decided that I would like to give Quality Sleep Care the opportunity to be my care provider.

When I asked how soon I could come in, I was able to make an appointment within the week.

This would have been unheard of with my former care provider.  If I was lucky they might have an appointment within a month.

Yesterday I had my appointment with Mary.  It was an absolute delight.  Mary explaining everything very thoroughly to me so I really understood what services Quality Sleep Care provided and most important she took the time to listen to my needs.  She then proceeded to clean and service my CPAP machine, reviewing with me the proper way to set up the machine.  She then reviewed the data  from my sleep report, going into detail about my results, answering any questions that I had.

I was so impressed with her professionalism that I wanted to share this with you.  She made my experience so pleasant, that you now have a new client,

Next time I see my G.P. I will be sharing the exemplary experience I had at Quality Sleep Care at Stadium Medical Centre.

Chris Waldmann

Re: The Staff and Services of Quality Sleep Care:

My name is Michael Simms (780-935-2007) and I have been asked to provide feedback concerning the services and support systems of Quality Sleep Care.

1. There is much that is extraordinary and unique about Quality Sleep Care services, and their “way of doing business”. From the outset, they have shown care, understanding, and excellent follow-up in ensuring that my needs were identified and well supported. They went to great lengths to also ensure they explained the evaluative process, the diagnostics used, and the identifiable concerns that might be  raised from the readings produced.

They also went to great lengths to ensure that I understood how to use the equipment they were recommending, as well as to understand the readings and outcomes they were receiving, and how they could assist with the process.

2. Quality Seep Care added extensively to the services that I understood they were going to provide, by providing extensive support processes that they initiated, and that they also followed through with diligently. This included ensuring the technology was clearly understood, was functioning properly, and was providing me with appropriate feedback.

Their support staff, diligence, and thoughtfulness were always completely appropriate, polite, and informative. Their extensive knowledge of my specific needs and their wish to keep me fully understanding and satisfied with  this process was truly exceptional.

3. In terms of making me at ease with the technology, their way of doing business, and my comfort with the process in general, is founded on their consistent follow-up and effort to ensure my comfort and understanding.

Their staff consistently evoked a sense of having my best interest at heart, and their need to provide a sense of businesslike professionalism in every aspect of what they do. They successfully provided a process that anticipated the difficulties I might have with the process, and knew full well where there might be concerns on my part with the process itself. All efforts provided me with a sense of being well supported and in good hands.

4. I would have absolutely no hesitation to recommend Quality Sleep Care’s diagnostic and client support process as superbly professional .

Although I have no particular individuals that I would refer to quality sleep care, I would strongly recommend that they extensively ensure that other professionals within the healthcare system fully understand the value of the services provided, as well as the outcomes that they so successfully provide to patients.

5. I would  be more than happy to again use the facilities of this group of professionals at Quality Sleep Care, and would  have no hesitation to recommend this company’s services to all appropriate medical and health care providers, as well as to their patients.

If there any questions or concerns about the above comments and  recommendations, please don’t hesitate to contact me at your convenience.

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